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Installing Your LoadAll V2 
Downloadable Instructions:
    V2 Installation Instructions (PDF)
    V2 Installation Guide (PDF)

1. Take the ramp out of the platform. Place the platform in the truck so that it is centered between the wheel wells and with the tailgate shut there should be 1 inch maximum between the rear of the platform and the inside of the tailgate.

2. With the tailgate down slide the dolly out of the platform and make sure the dolly rolls over the tailgate without touching it, if not you will need to shim the rear of the unit up. The shims should be placed so they support both the platform and the bracket.

3. Place a mounting bracket on each corner of the unit. They should be 10 inches from the front of the unit and 6 inches from the rear. Verify that they are positioned so that they are not above the frame rails or any other obstruction.

4. Drill down through the bracket and the bed of the truck with a 1/2 inch drill bit. Make sure to drill through the center of a raised rib of the truck bed.

5. Place the eye bolts in the holes with a nut and washer on the top and underneath the truck. Leave ¾ inch from the top of the nut to the top of the threads on the eye end. In doing so this will allow you to remove unit by loosening just the top nuts and sliding the brackets away from the unit to remove. Tighten securely but do not over tighten the bottom nut.

6. Pull the dolly out again and place the ramp wheels into the dolly side rails and slide the ramp into the platform.

7. Be absolutely sure to pull ramp out completely before setting it onto the ground or you could cause damage to the dolly!

8. Keep wheel tracks clean and clear of any debris. This will ensure longer life and smooth operation.

You’re all set to enjoy your new LoadAll V2 loading system.